Crazy Figure

Crazy Figure - 1/12 US Military 75th Rangers Regiment

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    Crazy Figure - 1/12 US Military 75th Rangers Regiment


    Product List:
    High simulation head sculpture and body (with bare hand * 6)
    BDU combat uniform (Tricolor Desert Camouflage)
    OD color T-shirt
    Rangers' bullet-proof vest (woodland camouflage)
    M79 grenade vest
    Benny hat (six-color desert camouflage)
    American Flag
    Hip Bag
    CQB belt
    S belt
    Y strap
    North needle/first aid kit x 2
    Ammunition Bag x 2
    Kettles and Cover x 2
    M9 razor and sleeve
    PASGT helmet (six-color desert camouflage helmet)
    SWDG military windbreak mirror
    Altama desert boots
    ALTA kneecap
    Nomex Pilot Glove Hand Type x 4
    M16A2 assault rifle
    M203 grenade launcher
    M16 Cartridge clip x 1
    40mm smoke bomb x 4
    40mm high explosive grenade x 20
    M26A1 fragment grenade x 4