Transformers Generations Selects - Volcanicus - Takara Tomy Mall Exclusive

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    Beast Warrior Revival! The Dinobot Combiner, which was originally released separately in the POWER OF THE PRIMES series, will now be available in an exclusive GENERATION SELECTS box set featuring new updates.

    The new colors have been adapted to match the animated color versions of the dinobots, and the combine mode movable finger fist and feet adopted by Seacons are used in this set.

    Two huge magma blades, which are new weapons, are included, and a new weapon for Grimlock is also included, allowing you to power up in a combined state. The Combined Warrior Volcanicas is a giant robot created by combining five Dinobots, and each Dinobot is united as an arm and leg centered on the leader of the Dinobot: Grimlock. Each Dinobot can be transformed from a dinosaur mode to a humanoid/union mode.