Lucifer - Dark Elf Exhiled Heir (Deposit Required)

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    Lucifer - Dark Elf Exhiled Heir (Deposit Required)

    By Pre-Ordering this product I understand that I will be billed a Non-Refundable Deposit (NRD) of $40. If you are pre-paying for this product in its entirety, any cancellation will result in a refund less the NRD. Please see our FAQ for more details.

    Estimated Release Date: 4th Quarter 2020

    Dark Elf head sculpt x 1
    TBLeague body x 1
    Weapon strap x 1
    Zircon necklace x 1
    Neck Armour x 1
    Blade Shoulder x 1
    Upper ARm Armour x 2
    Butterfly breastplate x1
    Belly squeeze hanging stone x1
    Hollow waistcoat x1
    Crotch protection x1
    Chain knife x6
    Chain knife chain x1
    Back support of chain knife
    Legend of thigh x1
    Lower leg x 2
    Spirit boots x2
    Field stair platform (can be spliced with Elf queen platform)
    Hand type x6

    The product details are subject to change without notice. 

    *Other figure and horse not included