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Star Ace - Batman Ninja: Modern Batman [Normal Version]

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    Estimated Release: 1st Quarter 2022

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    Star Ace - Batman Ninja: Modern Batman [Normal Version]


    In the animated DC film Batman Ninja, Batman and several of his allies and adversaries are thrust back in time to medieval Japan. Before he is transported in time, Batman has come to rely on his modern technology in his fight against crime.  

    This new Sixth Scale Figure from Batman Ninja features the Modern Batman before he must abandon technology. This high-tech Batman has light-up eyes, a removable cowl piece to show lights beneath, and the body armor also lights up blue. He also comes with a Batarang and a grappling gun.

    Don't miss your chance to add this Modern Batman Sixth Scale Figure to your DC Comics collection!

    DC Comics
    Star Ace Toys Ltd.
    Sixth Scale Figure


    The Modern Batman (Normal Version) Sixth Scale Figure features:

    • Sixth Scale body standing at 11.81" tall with over 30 points of articulation
    • Fully realized authentic likeness of Modern Batman in the animated movie Batman Ninja (2018). The portraits are specially hand-painted and feature detailed skin texture and accurate facial expressions
    • Illuminated Helmet with light-up function
    • Armor with light-up function


    • One (1) Modern Batman normal face expression 


    • One (1) pair of open hands
    • One (1) pair of fists
    • One (1) left hand for holding Batarang
    • One (1) Left hand for holding a grappling gun


    • One (1) Inner black shirt
    • One (1) Leather jacket
    • One (1) Pair of leather pants
    • One (1) Cape
    • One (1) Neck armor
    • One (1) Chest Armor
    • One (1) Waist armor
    • One (1) Breastplate
    • One (1) Pair of arm armor
    • One (1) Pair of shoulder armor 
    • One (1) Pair of waist armor
    • One (1) Removable cowl piece
    • One (1) Pair of boots


    • One (1) Batarang
    • Cowl with magnetic on/off function for light 
    • One (1) Grappling Gun and hook (removable)
    • Light-up chest armor
    • Figure stand