Toyseiiki - Shining Blade Roselinde Freyja

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    Toyseiiki - Shining Blade Roselinde Freyja

    Estimated Release Date: 4th Quarter 2020

    Roselinde is a war shrine maiden who lives in the Valelia district, Crantor kingdom, an island country. She is
    also one of the divas concerned with "Shining Blade". She has long silver hair, and though being only 16-year
    old and gentle, she has an adult personality. This product commercializes it in a sexy swimsuit look!

    Packing list:
    1) 1 x head sculpts
    2) 1 x 1/6 female seamless body with metal skeleton
    3) 2pairs x interchangeable gloved hands
    4) 1 x bikini suit
    5) 1 x skirt with a bikini
    6) 1 pair x bracelets
    7) 1 anklet accessories
    8) 1 x necklace accessories
    9) 1 x holder and base