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Transform Dream Wave - TCW-10 Generations Selects King Poseidon Upgrade Kit

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    TCW-10 Generations Selects King Poseidon Upgrade Kit by Transform Dream Wave has is the must have upgrade kit to take your Generations Selects King Poseidon Piranacon Set to the next level. If you have the Generation Selects King Poseidon Piranacon in your collection then you won't want to miss this. Included in this kit is everything you need to upgrade your existing figures:

    • 1 x Chest Plate
    • 1 x Head
    • 1 x Big Sword
    • 2 x Thigh Armor
    • 2 x Feet
    • Moveable Elbow Joints
    * This product is only an upgrade set. The figures that this set upgrades are sold separately.