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Dam Toys - The Wandering Earth: CN171-11 Rescue Unit Member Zhou Qian

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    Damtoys is excited to bring you a 1/6 scale figure of CN171-11 Rescue Unit Member Zhou Qian from the 2019 film, The Wandering Earth. This 1/6 scale figure of Rescue Unit Member Zhang Xiaquiang has been faithfully recreated using the latest technology to ensure the character's likeness. Additionally, this figure features a high level of articulation so collectors can pose her as she is in the movie!


    The Zhou Qian Sixth Scale Figure features:

    • Exquisite head sculpture that highly restores the facial expressions and Courageous image of the character Zhou Qian acted by Qu Jingjing in The Wandering Earth
    • Dam female action body 2.0
    • Four (4) interchangeable hands


    • One (1) detachable helmet, including mask and recording equipment
    • One (1) communication headset
    • A set of the sophisticated exoskeleton of military mechanical movable structure with an energy backplane and over 130 parts including:
      - Mechanical components
      - Special-shaped leg rods
      - Hydraulic cylinders
      - Pipelines
      - Joins
    • One (1) Set of military black protective suit
    • One (1) Medical waist bag
    • One (1) Pair of knee pads
    • One (1) Black pistol holster
    • One (1) pair of boots


    • CNIGC.CO L/QBZ47-5.8 assault rifle
    • CNIGC.CO L/QSZ47-9 pistol
    • Six (6) Adrenaline

    Other Accessories:

    • One (1) exclusive base