FansProject - Kausality KA-09 Kar Krash New Card Reissue (A3U Exclusive)

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    PLEASE NOTE: This item is a special rerun and is made to order. We must hit a minimum quantity in order for this product to be made. We will inform you in the event that minimum production numbers are not available. Ages Three and Up is proud to have picked up the torch of the Kausality Version of this exceptional Fansproject Classic Set and has made it their very own passion project to make sure the set sees completion for its fans. Overseeing all paint work, package and art direction for the entire set, they have poured their own hearts into making this happen. Kar Krash Features: Beautiful Original Artwork Carded Packaging (Updated Version) New Brilliant Coloring Includes Phase Gun All New Retooled Chest Allows for Different Configurations in Combined Mode