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Hot Toys - Justice League - Cyborg

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    Estimated Release: 4th Quarter 2022

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    Hot Toys - Justice League - Cyborg


    "I am not broken. And I'm not alone." - Cyborg

    Although he always exhibited a genius-level intellect, young Victor Stone didn't want a life dedicated to science and research like his parents. Instead, Victor dreamed of being a football player and devoted all of his time to becoming a star athlete while he was still in high school. But a tragic twist of fate that should have left him dead instead found him becoming part man and part machine - a Cyborg.

    The wait is finally over! Sideshow and Hot Toys present one of your most wanted sixth scale collectible figures - Cyborg from Zack Snyder's Justice League collection series. It's an impressive figure that truly reflects the details of a hero who had received enhanced cybernetic upgrades.

    Expertly crafted based on Ray Fisher as Cyborg's screen appearance with amazing likeness, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt with LED light-up function; a newly designed body displaying mechanical details; skillfully painted in shades of metallic colors; an extra pair of arms with points of articulations to achieve various poses; highly-detailed weapons and accessories including a pair of LED light-up plasma cannons, rocket launcher, and shield; thruster effect accessories attachable to different parts of the body, and a specially designed figure stand.

    Unite the team once again with this Cyborg figure! It's a great chance to add him to your collection now!

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    Sixth Scale Figure


    The Cyborg Sixth Scale Collectible Figure features:

    • Authentic and detailed likeness of Ray Fisher as Cyborg in Zack Snyder's Justice League
    • One (1) newly developed Cyborg head sculpt with LED light-up function on forehead and left eye (battery operated)
    • Movie-accurate facial expression and skin texture
    • Approximately 32 cm tall
    • Newly developed body with over 30 points of articulation
    • Multiple shades of metallic black, mixed with silver-colored painting on the mechanical body design
    • 6 LED light-up points located on forehead, eyes, forearms, chest and back (battery operated)
    • One (1) pair of extra arms with multiple points of articulation, attachable to figure's back
    • Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable mechanical hands including:
      • One (1) pair of fists
      • One (1) pair of gesture hands
      • One (1) pair of fists for extra arms
      • One (1) pair of gesture hands for extra arms
    • Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted


    • One (1) pair of LED light-up plasma cannons (battery operated) (interchangeable with arms)
    • One (1) rocket launcher (interchangeable with left arm)
    • One (1) shield


    • Three (3) pairs of thruster effect accessories in different sizes (attachable to back, thighs, calves)
    • Specially designed figure stand with movie logo and character nameplate