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IDW - Batman: Arkham Asylum

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    IDW - Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Batman: The Animated Series Adventures – Arkham Asylum adds 10 new villains: Including Clayface, Poison Ivy, The Ventriloquist, Killer Croc and Baby Doll! You will also get 13 more missions to play through. In addition, Arkham Asylum adds an all-new game mode: Clayface Mode! Adding a hidden traitor mode where one hero is actually Clayface in disguise, able to reveal their true identity at any time!


    • Includes 15 highly detailed miniatures and 16 game play scenarios
    • Batman: The Animated Series Adventures – Shadow of the Bat is required to play this expansion
    • Fully compatible with all Adventures Universal Games System titles


    • 15 Plastic Miniatures
    • 66 Villain Ability Cards
    • 20 Initiative Cards
    • 5 Ally Cards
    • 5 Clayface Traitor Cards
    • 1 Clayface Hero Sheet
    • 11 4vs1 Villain Sheet
    • 11 AI Villain Sheet
    • 4 Double-Sided Map Tiles
    • 1 Scenario Book
    • 60 Tokens