KFC - P14 Raijin & Engine Power Master

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    Estimated Release: 2nd Quarter 2021

    Raijin and Engine Power Master(EPM)

    *Raijin in robot mode standing at 26cm tall and transform into a truck cab.
    *Engine Power Master stands 4.6CM tall and transform into power engine.

    Whats in the box:
    -Engine Power Master*1
    -Bio card*1
    -Instruction booklet *1

    Feature of the product:
    -Super posable
    -chest chamber can storage a matrix
    -Matrix can be compatible for current MP figures
    -Current MP series size scaled
    -Doors of the cab can be opened and sit in a powered engine as driver
    -Engine Power Master can be transform into an engine and stick into the cab intake grill
    -Fully metallic finished on the robot and alt mode too
    -Die cast part
    -Rubber tyres
    -Super posable hands
    -Numerous ratchet joints
    -Can combine with