Kotobukiya - Medabots: KBT05-C Saikachis

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    Estimated Release: 4th Quarter 2021

    Kotobukiya - Medabots: KBT05-C Saikachis

    KBT05-C Saikachis is a kabuto-type robot and one of the main Medabots in the Medabot 3 and Medabot 4 games, while also making an appearance in the more recent installations to the series, Medabot Dual and Medabot 7.

    Not only is the medabot’s silhouette accurately recreated, but this model can also recreate Saikachis’s unique feature of Medachanging into “Reckless Mode”.

    The model kit closely resembles the character’s appearance in the series with the included dialogue parts and a detachable medal for its back.

    The customizable aspect of the robots in the series is represented in the model kit as well, allowing you to create your very own Medabot!

    The kit comes with four pre‐painted face visor parts, allowing you to display the model however you want. The parts are made of multi‐colored plastic, allowing for easy assembly with no painting required!