MARUTTOYS - Tamotu x MODERHYTHM Collaboration [Light Green Ver.]

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    Estimated Release: 4th Quarter 2021

    MARUTTOYS - Tamotu x MODERHYTHM Collaboration [Light Green Ver.]

    This stylish and cute TAMOTU model features a new color scheme designed by MODERHYTHM’s Kazushi Kobayashi.

    MARUTTOYS is a world of original robot characters created by up-and-coming model designer MiZ (Kouki Mizuno). TAMOTU is a collaboration between Kotobukiya and MARUTTOYS, and now with MODERHYTHM joining the team, two new TAMOTU color variations, “Light Green” and “Light Blue”, will be joining the lineup!

    1. Kazushi Kobayashi redesigned TAMOTU with a new color scheme that features MODERHYTHM’s signature light green.
    2. The kit includes runners for outer armor in two colors: light green and light ivory. Users can combine the parts to create their own unique combination.
    3. The kit comes with decals, including a new decal with the “CHUBU Mechatronics” company logo.

    Model Specifications:
    ・This model has 25 points of articulation as a full action model kit.
    ・This model is built with a complete inner frame to which all outer parts can be removed.
    ・This model can transform from “Normal Mode” when it’s running to “Work Mode” when it’s walking/working.
    ・13 points for 3mm connection joints are set throughout this model.
    ・The color scheme of this model kit is light green, light ivory, green, and clear. This model kit can be assembled into a product close to the character model.
    ・The point for 3mm connection joints on the bottom of the model is compatible with the separately sold New Flying Base.

    How to Enjoy:
    ・TAMOTU can be freely customized with parts from existing M.S.G, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, and Hexa Gear by using the optional 3mm connection joints with the points.
    ・Despite the differences in scale, this model can be placed together and enjoyed with other models such as NON scale Frame Arms Girl and 1/24 scale Hexa Gear.

    Included Items:
    ・TAMOTU Model (With a Set Each of Light Green and Light Ivory Armor)
    ・Optional Arm
    ・3mm Connection Joints x4
    ・Special Decals