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Mastermind Creations - Reformatted R-15 - Jaegertron

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    Jaegertron comes with a trophy case that adds a lot of playability. It includes 5 faces of Feral Cons from dimension X as seen in MMC's comic story. Trophy case can combine with Jaegertron's jet mode for a space cargo jet. The LED backlights the weapons in showcase mode, and acts as thrusters' glow effect in cargo mode.

    Figure stands 18.5CM/7.3" tall in robot mode, 27cm/10.3" single jet 39cm/15.3" with trailer.

    Figure Includes:
    1x Trophy display case transformable to spaceship cargo with LED light-up
    2x Alt head(for Jaegertron himself)
    5x Feral Con faces, melee weapon set of 5
    2x Pulse Rifle
    2x Wing Cannon, 2x Katana
    1x comic
    1x bio card