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Mastermind Creations - Reformatted R-17CS - Carnifex Continuum Add-On Set (Reissue)

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    1 x Millifex mini figure(3.5cm tall), 1 x Billifex mini figure(3.5cm tall),

    6 x cannons for base mode, 1 x new head & new chest covers for R-17 Carnifex

    Included in the Continuum set, Millifex and Billifex are the pilots of the Jet and Tank that combine to form the gigantic Carnifex. In Carnifex's robot mode, Millifex and Billifex transform to engines and plug into Carnifex's chest.
    An alternate head plus 2 pieces of snap-on chest armor will give Carnifex an updated look. For the base mode, the 6 cannons can be plugged in to enhance the firepower.