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Microblaze Creations - MBC002 - Military Titans

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    Brand new design, which brings back the strong leader image. Huge impact, the height of combined mode is over 12 inch/32 cm Includes the upgrade armor for other four members, to provide the same powerful image, and also supports vehicle mode. MBC002 not only improves the strength of this combined, but also provides a full-scale upgrade. 

    * MBC002 Body Part*1 (20cm in figure mode)
    * MBC002 Weapon for Body Part*1
    * MBC002 Left hand upgrade armor for FOC VORTEX*1
    * MBC002 Right hand upgrade armor for FOC LAST OFF*1
    * MBC002 Left foot upgrade armor for FOC BRAWL*1
    * MBC002 Right foot upgrade armor for FOC SWINDLE*1
    * MBC002 First release special*1 - Replaceable mask for berserk mode