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Pocket World - 1/12 Ada W

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    Pocket World - 1/12 Ada W

    Estimated Release Date: 2nd Quarter 2021






    1. Head Sculpture x1

    2. Half Rubber-Coated Female Body x1

    3. Red Shirt x1

    4. Black Leather Pants x1

    5. Black High-Heeled Shoes x2

    6. Black Gloved Hands x8

    7. Leather Gloves x2

    8. Pistol x1

    9. Belt + Pocket x1

    10. Holster Strap x1

    11. Cross Necklace x1

    12. Arrow x1

    13. Shotgun x1

    14. UZI Submachine Gun x2

    15. Blue Cube x1

    16. Bluetooth Headset x1

    *Other figures sold separately