SND - The Primo Nemein Upgrade Kit

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    This upgrade kit is for the Unite Warriors Grand Scourge Ehobby Exclusive. This upgrade kit will make Nemesis Prime taller, give him more posing possibilities, and have a more comic inspired look. Also included are combinable weapons.

    Kit includes:
    1x Replacement Head
    1x Chest/Torso Armor
    2x Shoulder Armor
    1x Waist Armor
    2x Leg Extenders/Thigh Armor
    2x Lower Leg Armor
    2x Upgraded Feet (with two-way ankle tilts!)
    1x Blaster
    1x Sword (with swappable blades; choose from shortsword, longsword or axe!)
    1x Battle Mask (a bigger head for combined mode!)