TBLeague - Gethsemoni The Dead Queen

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    Death’s first creation, the spiritborn Gethsemoni, was fashioned from raw flesh, her mind coalesced from the collective
    subconscious of humanity, and as such, her form echoes the expectations of the living. Beautiful and flawless to behold,
    this resident of the shadow realm glimmers like a jewel in the darkness. But be warned – the Queen of the Dead’s
    countenance is naught but a distraction. Her mercurial mood and unfettered ambitions make her a dangerous and volatile
    player in Death’s Court and leader of the Faction of Flesh.
    Height from top of the head to sole of the foot:30.7 cm
    Height with the crown and base included:41 cm

    Packing List:
    1) 1 x head sculpt
    2) 1 x TBLeague 1/6 female seamless body with metal skeleton
    3) 3 pairs x interchangeable hands
    4) 2 pair x feet with shoes
    5) 1 x crown
    6) 1 x neck armor
    7) 1 x bikini style chest armor
    8) 1 x bikini style bottom
    9) 2 x armlets
    10) 2 x wrist armors
    11) 1 x thigh band
    12) 1 pair x ankle armors
    13) 1 x wrap skirt
    14) 1 x dagger
    15) ghoul 1
    16) ghoul 2
    17) 1 x holder and base