TBLeague - Royal Defender - Black

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    TBLeague - Royal Defender - Black

    Estimated Release Date: 2nd Quarter 2021


    A letter sent from the front line by the dark knight read that vicious enemies were staging a
    comeback. Another fierce battle they were facing, but holding the unshakable faith of protecting the
    realm and the people, royal defenders were ready!
    Packing List:
    01) 1 x head sculpt
    02) 1 x TBLeague 1/6 female seamless body with metal skeleton
    03) 1 x close-fitting one-piece suit
    04) 6 x interchangeable hands with gloves
    05) 1 x neck armor
    06) 1pair x leather shoulder armors
    07) 1 x Waist armor
    08) 1pair x forearm armors
    09) 1 x breast armor
    10) 1 x leather skirt
    11) 1pair x high-heeled shoes
    12) 1pair x knee armors
    13) 1 x helmet
    14) 1 x cloak
    15) 1 x long spear
    16) 1 x shield