TFCC Subscription Figure 3.0 - Nacelle

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    “Blasting you is as cathartic as streamlining one's fuselage."

    NACELLE is almost as much at home in the battlefield as he was back in his old laboratory at Tesarus. He has a keen mind for the sciences having worked alongside BITSTREAM and HOTLINK under STARSCREAM's Helex-Ensis Decepticon Research & Advancement team. Upon the Nemesis's departure to Earth, he was assigned as a lab assistant to SHOCKWAVE. During that time NACELLE engineered the modified wing designs used for the second wave of Earth-bound Seekers; eventually adapting one of the prototypes into his own chassis.

    Nacelle is a brand-new character to the modern era of Transformers, yet his design is based on an unreleased action figure from the earliest days of the Transformers brand. The figure features the BotCon 2007 Thrust wings (never available at retail), that will look spectacular once again on this exciting figure!