TFCC Subscription Figure 3.0 - Serpent O.R.

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    "I remember crossing the Alps on Elephant-back, outflanking the Maginot Line, and marching 'cross
    the Rubicon. What hopes then have mine enemies?"

    After his encounter with four Autobots rekindled his lust for domination, a washed-out terrorist tracked down the discarded body of a Sweep and used it to as a recipient for data from an old Cobra project to combine the military acumen from the greatest strategic minds of Earth's past. The EDC disrupted the operation, but in the process General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy was knocked into a Brainwave Scanner and his personality uploaded to the amalgamated consciousness. The result is a being who, nominally, identifies with Cobra and their occasional allies, the Decepticons, and yet finds himself sympathetic to the cause of the Earth Defense Command, which he remembers founding and leading.

    Yo Joe! Or. Hail Cobra? Go Decepticons!?! "You’ll have to wait and see where Serpent O.R.’s loyalties lie, but one thing that is certain is the character, first introduced in “G.I. Joe VS Transformers: The Art of War”, pays great homage to this very complex robot. Sign up for the TFSS 3.0 to get him. As Serpent O.R. would say…THIS I COMMAND!