TFCC Subscription Figure 3.0 - Tarantulas

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    FUNCTION: Scientific Analysis

    "The secrets of the universe are coded in every Cybertronian's spark...
    and I won't stop cutting until I find them!"

    Tarantulas is a being without a history. In his rush to remove Jhiaxus' clones from his laboratory before the Autobots discovered its location, Sky-Byte mistakenly extracted four stasis pods of unknown origin. The emergent robots immediately declared for the Predacon cause, some might say suspiciously quickly. Of the four robots, Tarantulas has since discovered an endless fascination with experimental science, especially seeking any opportunity for vivisection.

    Finally, after a long wait, the Dawn of Future's past character fans have wanted for their set is here! Tarantulas is more than just a Predacon though, and he will be a great fit for many a fans collection! Tarantulas comes with TWO Micron spiders!