Transformers Combiner Wars Generation 2 Bruticus Combaticons Boxed Set

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    Bring home the gang to build G2 Bruticus, based on the amazing robots in disguise form the 1990s! Onslaught, Swindle, Blast Off, Vortex, and Brawl merge with an Action Masters-inspired Shockwave to form G2 Bruticus. This brightly-colored band of baddies each comes armed with a weapon, be it a blaster or something equally explosive. Each figure is articulated, with Onslaught forming the body and his companions able to become awesome military vehicles. Shockwave becomes a gun for the combined robot. Get the whole Decepticon team with this awesome set!

    This Box Set features 6 figures in all new G2 Colors:

    • Onslaught (voyager size)
    • Swindle(deluxe size)
    • Blast Off(deluxe size)
    • Vortex(deluxe size)
    • Brawl(deluxe size)
    • Shockwave(legends size)