X-Transbots - Ollie Re-Issue

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    Product Size: 4.50" tall in robot mode
    Material: PLastic & Die-cast

    The new and improved MM-IV Ollie reissue figure features some parts refinement, molding tweaks, and more than 18 joints making this version of Ollie much more durable and playable.
    Whats new:
    - Refined side parts, so no breakage
    - Added heel stabilizer
    - Added fist rotation
    - Knee tightness
    - Added poseable crotch piece
    - Refines wheel rolling
    - Eliminated the rotation stopper on the elbow
    - Tightened thighs
    - Smoother sliding backpack
    - Stress mark refinement
    - Shinier car surface
    - Clear windshield (not shown in images)
    - Die-cast thighs
    - New alternate face
    - Car shell refinement in alt mode
    - Car rear end refinement
    - Arms can be locked in while in car mode